We are a collaborative creative consultancy with a focus on branding, packaging and brand integration.

We openly collaborate with clients, friends, partners and industry experts in creating impactful solutions.

We involve our target audiences from beginning to end through a tailored, organic and iterative process.

We craft and maintain brands for our clients and ourselves.

We have applied our expertise and insights as partners to global leaders, and others who aim to be, with proven success in a wide range of industries and categories.

We understand the challenges of established brands as well as those of newer entrants in an increasingly competitive world.

We partner through work for hire, retainer, equity and other creative compensation arrangements.

We are based in suburban Philadelphia, with clients across the United States and worldwide.

Make things better.

Make better things.

Bill Goodwin
Founder & Creative Director

Bill offers our clients over 30 years of experience consulting with, creating and refreshing many of the world’s most loved brands.


484.442.8723 ext. 101

610.659.2163 cell


Shawne Goodwin
Co–Founder & Partner

Shawne has spent 20 years managing our panels of co-creators and collaborators, while lending her unique perspective to our design, ideation and evaluation processes.


484.442.8723 ext. 105

610.659.2164 cell



Terry Montimore
Partner & Creative Director

Terry has applied his extensive skills including drawing, illustration, painting, design, ideation and innovation at Goodwin for over 19 years, and nearly 30 in total. 


484.442.8723 ext. 102

609.472.5298 cell



Brian Barto
Partner & Creative Director

Brian has applied his vast skills as a true “maker” for over 12 years at Goodwin, and over 25 in total, through design, drawing, ideation, innovation and virtually all forms of confab. 


484.442.8723 ext. 104

215.280.4241 cell



The Foreman House

541 Avondale Road

Wallingford, PA 19086


Our offices and studio are located in a historic farmhouse which over the last 180 years has been home to entrepreneurs, inventors, craftsmen and artists. The Foreman House is a Class 1 Historic Site, built in the 1830’s and formerly part of The Thomas Leiper Estate, which we bought and renovated in 2009.